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From the website of New York State Senator Jeffrey D. Klein:

ALBANY, N.Y. – The Independent Democratic Conference was joined today by Assemblyman Jeff Dinowitz, (D-Bronx) (left), and nationally recognized anti-abuse advocate and survivor Erin Merryn to hail the passage of  important legislation to stamp out child sexual abuse in New York.

The legislation, “Erin Merryn’s Law,”   (S.6182 Klein/ A.8993 Dinowitz),  would require schools to make a change to their existing curriculum for child abduction to include age appropriate information on child sex abuse prevention. This alteration would give critically important information to victims – many of whom do not know there is a way out of their horrific situation.

“We want children to know there are adults who will help them and we want these dangerous sexual predators to know that they can no longer use fear and ignorance to mask their repugnant actions,” Senator Klein said. “My colleagues and I are proud to join Erin in her mission make sure that no other child has to go through what she has endured.”


(THE BRIEFING ROOM – INDIANA STATE DEMOCRATS) INDIANAPOLIS – The governor has signed into law Sen. Rogers’ SEA 267, also  known as “Erin’s Law,” which will use educational resources to help inform students and protect them from sexual abuse. The new law will provide a platform to educate teachers and school personnel about how to identify and report suspected abuse of students, and also teach students how to respond in these types of situations. The Indiana Department of Education (DOE) will be required to work with the DCS and other organizations that specialize in child abuse to provide resources to help teachers and school personnel become better equipped to handle cases of child sexual abuse. The DOE will also be required to develop model education materials, response policies and reporting procedures for Indiana schools for grade two through grade five.